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Bernedoodle & Standard Poodle Costs

If you’ve ever been curious as to how much a Bernedoodle costs or how much a standard poodle costs, view our pricing below. 

Bernedoodle Costs


F1 Standard Bernedoodle

(Bernese Mtn Dog + Standard Poodle)

Solids (black, cream, apricot) - $3500

Bi-colors, Merle, Phantom, Brindle - $3500

Tri-color -$4000

F1b Standard Bernedoodle

(Bernedoodle + Standard Poodle)

Solids (black, cream, apricot) - $3500

Bi-colors, Merle, Phantom,

Sable, Brindle - $3500

Abstracts, Tri-color -$3500

Standard Poodle Costs


Solids - $2000

Bi-color - $2500

Tri-color - $2500

As a small, responsible breeder, we take tremendous pride in our program. Upon birth, our puppies are given important attention and care during those crucial early weeks to help form healthy well-rounded pets. Bernedoodle costs and standard poodle costs are an investment for a beautiful and loyal animal that your entire household can enjoy. 

Included With Our Puppies

While The Puppies Are With Us, They Receive


* Age Appropriate Vaccinations

*Age Appropriate Worming

*ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)

*ESI (Early Scent Introduction)

*Advanced Puppy Curriculum

*Temperament Test at 7 Weeks


When You Take Home Your Puppy...

Puppy Bag

*Snuggle Puppy With Scent

From Dam and Littermates

*Chew Toy

*Travel Kit (Airplane or car)

*A Small Bag of Food


Puppy Resource Binder

*Medical Records

   *Copies of Health Certificates

of Both Parents

*2 Year Genetic Health Warranty

*Photos of Puppy stages

*Socialization Guide

*Microchip Registration

*Spay and Neuter Contract

*30 Free Days of Pet Insurance

*25% off Baxter & Bella training program 

(Use Code CRYWOOF)

... and more!

We Proudly Offer Breeder Support for the Lifetime of your Puppy!

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