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Puppy Club


Patience is not simply the ability to wait- it's how we behave while we're waiting.                               
                                                   - Joyce Meyer

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Here at Cry Woof we believe that patience is a key virtue, and along those lines we also believe that good things come to those who wait! We love our puppies, and while they are with us they deserve 100% of our devotion.


When we have remainder puppies from previous litters we wait with them for their perfect match. During this time we continue focusing on their training and activities that help them reach their very best potential!

Cry Woof is proud to sponsor Puppy Club, where we empower and teach youth in our community to train and groom puppies using gentle leadership and positive techniques. These young volunteers get hands on experience while having tons of puppy fun! Our puppies love meeting new people and learning new things!

The proof is in the puppies! Gentle handling, encouraging activities and positive affirmation equal a more confident dog! If you have any questions about our program or about any of puppies enrolled in puppy club, please text today!

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